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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 19, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the police evacuated nearby homes and called in the walnut creek bomb squad to help, which detonated the bombs on the scene. the neighbors are relieved it's over. they say it -- the house sticks out from the other homes in the neighborhood. >> we don't want this kind of activity occurring with children around. we long for a safe neighborhood, and besides that house, we really had that here, and danville is pretty sleepy. so it was very active here today. >> hopefully going to keep a watch on the house and what guess on. we like to keep at it safe neighborhood. >> reporter: danville police arrested eric dennis for's of a destructive does and bombmaking materials. he has been booked at the montana -- martinez jail and is
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being held on bail. >> alan: sarah shourd arrived back on american soil this morning after spending 13 months in an iranian prison. she appeared before reporters at 9:00 a.m., saying she was only win-third -- one-third free after leaving behind her fiancee and friend. >> looking strong and healthy, sarah shourd thanked the iranian government for her release. >> my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and josh was crushing. >> reporter: the mothers of the fellow captives are seeking a meeting with mahmoud ahmadinejad while he is here with the u.n. the long ordeal of the three americans began in july last year why war were arrested for allegedly crossing the border from iraq and were accused of
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being spies. josh and shane could spend years behind bars. sarah shourd said she left prison with her spirit bruised but not broken. she did not elaborate on the conditions she endured, but it's notorious reputation for brutality has the mothers for her fellow hikers concerned for their well-being. >> iran hinted the americans could be released in exchange for iranians in prison here in the united states. >> believe that it would not be mistake to ask that the u.s. government should make a humanitarian gesture to release the iranians. >> reporter: that raises concerns the two american prisoners are being used as bar gapping chips and may not be released soon. everyone hopes one release will be followed by others.
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abc news. >> carolyn: it's been 11 days since the gas pipeline exploded in san bruno, killing at least four people. today people all over the peninsula came together for a day of healing and fundraising. a benefit concert collected donations for victims of the fire, and showed support for the entire community. we have this report. >> reporter: in a community where it seems like everyone knows someone impacted by the explosion, it also seems like just about everyone is ready to help out. >> just getting it back to where it is. a good cause. >> reporter: whether it's the cup cak stand or big a t-shirt, these neighbors say it's time to chip in and help and to begin healing. >> we will rebuild and become again a city we want to invite you back to in a couple years from now. >> reporter: but there's still a
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long road ahead. con instruments crews boarded up the final windows in the blast zone. 15-year-old corrina walsh's close friend lost her home. the fundraiser at her high school was her idea. >> people were donating items and money and blood all in the first week, and already it's starting to die down in the news, and even in the community, people are starting to say, okay, let's move on to the next big thing. but they're going to need help for months. >> reporter: if the victims of the blast were here, they didn't make their presence know, but the did express their thanks in the neighborhood. here at the high school, all of the money that is collected will be donated to the rotary and lions club and be distributed to fire victims who need the help most. >> alan: pg&e could release a list of 1eu9s hundred riskiest
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pipelines tomorrow. the abc-7 news has learned it could release the list along with maps. this comes after pressure from federal and state leaders, including governor schwarzenegger. pg&e had opposed revealing location of pipelines because of national security concerns. the massive cleanup is expected this week, possibly on thursday. the demolition and cleanup will take one day per property and because of the potential for a toxic dustup, the bay area air quality management is installing air quality monitoring equipment. if you want to know how you can help the victims of the fire, go to, and click on "see it on tv". >> carolyn: san jose police officers are protesting the elimination of the gang unit. it's being combined with the metro unit. staffing has been slashed by a
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third. the union leaders saying the cuts will have a devastating effect on public safety. >> the majority of homicide's in san jose are gang related. we simply will not have the resources to address gangs today like we did yesterday. it is a fact. >> carolyn: san jose mayor chuck reid blames the cuts on skyrocketing pension costs. he says the combined task force will still make fighting gang violence a priority. >> there will be some lower level crimes such as homeless encamp. removal that won't get as up attention of the chief will focus on the most important priorities, gang suppression is one of them. >> carolyn: the police ran an ad in the mercury news protesting the cuts. >> alan: they're look for victims of a man they say is impercent nateing a police officer. they say he owns a retired police squad car and installed a
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siren, lights and loudspeaker in it. police say they found a badge, police uniform and law enforcement patches, and police are asking anyone who may have been stopped by kelling to call the police. >> carolyn: drivers on 680 will have a new option to speed up their commute. the first express lane will open at 5:00 a.m. car poolers can use the lane for free. solo drivers can use it for a fee. they just need a fast track transponder. prices rise and fall based on congestion, from 30-cent to $6. >> alan: members of a religious cult show up safe and sound. this after their leader left behind a night saying they might have killed themselves. >> carolyn: a car goes on display at a san francisco gallery. what it took to get it there. >> alan: fierce waves are
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pounding bermuda as hurricane igor washes ashore. >> leigh: believe it or not we had a cold front move across the bay area. a identify light -- few light showers, but right now
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you can see >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: in southern california the leaders of a small relation sect has been hospitalized for a mental evaluation. members of her ground went missing after leaving behind documents that looked like
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farewell lettersle the five women and agent children were found praying in a parker in palm dale. investigators were contacted by two of the women's husband last night after finding documents that referenced a adjourningy to -- a journey to the next life. >> you see me, i'm okay, the son, the dogs, everybody okay. >> they overreact because we left cell phone and didn't call them. >> you left the cell phones because? >> i don't want to interrupt me when i'm doing my jesus stuff. >> alan: the 32-year-old leader is under a mandatory hold after police determined she is not able to care for herself. >> carolyn: that massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico is now officially declared dead. the coast guard announced the broken well that spewed more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf no longer poses a threat. it's five months after a deadly explosion sank the rig, leading
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to the worst oil spill in u.s. history. the gusher was contained in july but it took until now to get a permanent cement plug in place. crews installed a new exhibit in a market street gallery. not a pricey painting or sculpture but a form of transportation. it will remain on display at one market several months. the model is the car tesla will make at the nummi plant in fremont. it can drive 300 miles on a single charge. crews had to hoist it up two stories to get it in the building. >> alan: up next. bermudans war battening down the watches. >> mike: the raiders change quarterback and silence the rams, and the brewers trying to get out of san francisco with a
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sweep by snatching one from the sweep by snatching one from the giants, but the our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means.
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we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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>> alan: hurricane igor is battering bermuda. 80 miles-per-hour winds are
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whipping up waves and heavy rains are causing minor flooding. david curley files this report from bermuda. >> reporter: this is hurricane igor arriving. some high winds and a lot of rain. residents here on this island woke up to good news and bad news. the bad news is that igor is headed right towards the island, 21 square miles in the middle of the atlantic. the good news it's now a category 1. still, we are seeing gusts already of 85-miles-an-hour, and some of the waves hitting 15 feet. in fact it's that surge of water which could cause damage. when the storm was a category 2, the premiere warned this might be the strongest storm the island ever faced. that's no longer the case, but igor will sit over the island for 12 hours because it's so big, and it's the better can --
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battering wind ask the rain that worries officials. >> carolyn: we have had really humid and muggy weather. >> leigh: it's a weak cold front, and emphasize the weak. if it moved on through. it did leave us withs' clearing. here's a live shot from san jose. a little blue sky there. some locations did pick up a little bit of rainfall. i do want to show you -- we just talk about igor. i want to show you the latest satellite. you can get a sense, this thing is moving over the tiny island right now. just swallowing it up. loom at the diameter of this thing. category 1, moving to the north at 15 miles-per-hour. so it will continue to churn up towards the north, and as it gets into the colder water, it should start to decrease in intensity and speed. so that's a look at eye -- ago i
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-- igor. right now, 72, san francisco. and san jose, blue sky, 69 degrees. we're going cooler temperatures overnight tonight. areas of dense fog. dry and cooler through mid-week, and as we head through wednesday night, that's when the fall arrives at 8:09. here's a little moisture from the cold front. chico. boom. there you go these are starting to decrease. live doppler hd not picking up any he can coaz across the bay area today, but earlier a few drops, .01 there, and san francisco, a little over a trace. here is how the system moved through. you'll notice that as it started to move through, it just kind of falls apart. behind we see some of the clearings. overnight we will look out for
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the fog develop and it should push further inland towards the desert regions. it will be cooler behind the system so overnight temperatures, mid-and upper 40s in the north bay 5. 5 for san francisco, livermore, 54, and a little mild weather for antioch at 60 degreesle we start off tomorrow morning with pockets of dense fog. have 0 to slow down the monday morning commute, and then in the forecast animation, the low clouds burn to just near the coast. 60s near the coast, and 70s elsewhere, and 80s inland. so here's a look at the highs tomorrow. 76, san jose, the coast, half moon bay, 6 4. palo alto, 74. san francisco, you warm to 68 degrees, and more sunshine. in the north bay, 80 for santa rosa. 76, napa. oakland, 7 1. fremont, 7 4. pittsburg, 78. 77 for danville and concord.
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santa cruz, 74 doagz. the seven-day forecast, the last 2000 few -- last few days of summer, fall arrives 8:09 wednesday night. and thursday, friday, saturday, offshore winds, and that's going to mean temperatures returning into the 90s inland for next weekend. >> alan: talk to shu. the raiders eek out a win and change the quarterback position. >> mike: week two, a little quarterback change in oakland. the rams in town for the home opener, which was blacked out. gradkowski replaced jason campbell. normally not a good sign but bruce led them to the first win of the year. second and goal. sam bradford to clayton. 7-0 rams. raiders down 7-3-cam bowl --
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campbell picked off. and his day was done. tom cable decides at halftime to send in bruce grad cow ski for the second half. the raiders respond. third and goal. gradkowski to murphy. 13-7 raiders. gradkowski threw for 162 yards, one score and that pick. raiders clinging to the lead. and get the rescue, 16-14. >> you have to be ready when your time gets called. i was fortunate. we came out the second half. brought fire and intensity and energy and did some good things. >> we had been moving the ball. just stalled when we got to the red zone. the decision they made, got to do what i go to do to deal with it and move forward. >> mike: cal well represented at the eagles lions game.
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vick to jackson, and the former golden bear turns on the jets, 135 yards receiving and that touchdown. jahvid best touching up his two t.d. runs last week with two today. weaving in and out of traffic. look at him go. 232 total yards and two touchdowns, but the eagles win 35-32. giants prevented a sweep against milwaukee with some heavy lumber. a much-needed win as they hit the road for their final six games away from at&t park. the caped crusader,batman man in attendance. guillen clears the bags with a grand slam. you don't see many slams in the first. in the fifth, more from gee yes, based loaded, two out hit. 6 rbi day for gee yes. giants offense wasn't done.
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bottom seven, burrell's homer, the giants with the 9-2 victory. >> a lot of games left. nothing going to come easy from this point on. we have to earn every win and just kind of be smart and go hard and just win games. >> mike: in minnesota, the a's looking to take 2-3 from the twins, and oakland put up a crooked number off liriano in the first. it's a two-out singing into center. then in the fifth, mark ellis puts some muscle into this one. see ya. to left and gone. his fourth of the year. the a's love affair with the .500 mark continues, they win 6-2. a unique event held yesterday on alcatraz. the red bull king of the rock, 63 players in a one-on-one basketball tournament. first official sporting event ever held on the rock. the winner was isaiah "clutch"
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bowman. hits the clutch shot to beat phoenix native gary smith. rajon rondo was the master of ceremonies. to the sylvania 300 at new hampshire motor speedway. the first of ten races in the chase to the nascar championship. clint bowyer takes the checkered flag. moves from 12th to second in the chase standings. up more from the raiders and plays of the day tonight at 11:00. i doubt there's a quarterback controversy in oakland. they just needed a spark. >> carolyn: need to figure that out. >> mike: can't take it permanent in the nfl. >> alan: a crowded field at the box office this weekend. >> carolyn: a ban afleck film that seemed to come out of nowhere. stay with us.
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>> carolyn: a surprise victory at the box office this weekend. ben affleck's crime drama "the town" was the top movie with $23 million.
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easy a was inspired by the book the scarlet letter. the horror thriller, devil, about strain jersey trapped -- strangered trapped in an elevator, came in third. >> alan: that could be very uncomfortable to watch. >> carolyn: thanks for joining us.
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